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Also as long as you draw most of the vapor through the bag in about five minutes There's extremely minimum vapor loss on account of condensation, and There's hardly any flavor decline both. It’s only when you leave it sitting down there for 10+ minutes that you operate into Individuals issues.

I’ve been hunting for a new vape for quite a while and made a decision to have the volcano for christmas following observing your evaluations, but I obtained the stable valve list of bags rather than the simple valve established which it appears like you utilize.

Hey male, thanks for all The good work you need to do. I personal a loads and I adore it. And I used to be thinking about receiving either a volcano or maybe a cloud Evo. Do you think that that somebody which is utilized to the loads could be let down while in the vapor density from your volcano?

1. I purchased yesterday the volcano vintage having viewed your evaluations and decided to get it in excess of the digital. But acquiring employed the electronic just lately at my buddies location I discovered the classic being a little bit primitive with regards to temp control. My Mate goes on and on about buzz crafting, placing the digi to 374, then 385, then 389 and so on etcetera. He promises THC will get launched at 374 then CDB,CBN at hotter temps, my query is: Does it make any distinction?

Viewed an excessive amount of your videos masking desktop vaporizers and first I just wished to thank you for Placing time and homework as part of your investigation and organization from the films. You are attempting to remain as objective as possible, and possess reasonable explanations on your suggestions. Great job!

Truthfully guy this earlier month I are already debating on what vape to acquire. I've smoked cigarettes for seven yrs moreover other additional issues.

A single remaining query: do you might have any preference among the aluminum and titanium Place Case? From your investigate I’ve carried out, it appears like both are remarkable, although the titanium is somewhat greater concerning toughness and sharpness. Although most of the people say the dissimilarities are rather negligible. Ideas?

So enthusiastic my volcano arrives tomorrow early morning, shame I've to work all day long :( hmmmm may be a cheeky a person ha ha

Also yet another point abt magic flight ok do I take a attract for as many as two seconds very same as volcano? Also combine it with chamomile as well?

Bottom Line, The Arizer Extraordinary Q is my alternative. My routine is fill a handful of baggage, clean and pop some potoluri aromatherapy from the Q, and luxuriate in my balloons. Arizer has great customer care.

Crank up the warmth slightly and re-vap aged used material…this operates way too! Insert to this I discovered some substance which I grew in Summer months 2011 (bone dry and saved in a cabinet from the lose) which also ‘works’ too.

My gut tells me another thing may very well be happening since the air filter shouldn’t come up with a large variation in vapor toughness…

All this facts has seriously assisted to steer me in the right course with purchases. I just bought the Volcano as my to start with desktop And that i’m fairly stoked! I in the beginning purchased the Pax a couple of years again immediately after looking at your critiques and was rather pleased. It's got somewhat more upkeep then I’d like Primarily as my only vape because it tends to get a little bit gnarlier more rapidly that way. I converted fully to only vaping for the most part much too when I bought it. With that said vape excellent truly will come into Engage in for me and I have to say the Volcano really delivers in that realm.

You should recognize I’m not attempting to despise. I individual a volcano digit and it’s great but I Just vape shop marketing about in no way utilize it. It will get dusted off every so often Once i have a significant group of men and women over. I see that it works effectively in groups Primarily with people who are inexperienced with vaping for the reason that any individual can suck air outside of a bag. My dilemma While using the volcano is it’s out-of-date. The design hasn’t improved in above ten years when numerous new improvements. The volcano held it’s track record as the ideal vape for so very long mainly because it merely experienced next to no Competitiveness.

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